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Solné mlýny limited was established in 1921 by Čechoslavie, import and export Olomouc limited and the Prague Czechoslovak Legions Bank. It took three years to build a new salt processing plant in Holice near Olomouc. The location was mainly selected due to its significant position in the centre of the country.

Back then, Solné mlýny was a large company. It consisted of several buildings, had a private railway siding, and it built its own road, workshops and two residential buildings. Most of all, it had its own mill, packing plant and huge warehouses for more than 20,000 tons of lump salt. It was a unique factory of its kind, equipped with the most modern machines, and it did not have a parallel in Central Europe. It was exclusively driven by electricity, and the plant also had its own water mains. The company started to operate, i.e. produce, on January 2, 1924; therefore, this date is regarded as the beginning of the history and tradition of the company.

The rich history of the company has seen several changes of ownership. Nevertheless, it has always maintained its unique position in the production of salt, a strategic material. Solné mlýny was state-owned until 1992 when private companies, funds and physical entities took hold of the company via coupon privatization and share dealing.


The company is celebrating its eightieth anniversary of salt processing in Olomouc this year. The joint-stock company has remained a leading Czech processor of quality salt, and supplies a wide range of salt products and services to its customers.

In the course of the years, new customer demands, changes in technological procedures and nutritional trends made us expand our production assortment. We currently produce two hundred items, and the production fully complies with European Union legislation. The main production programme especially involves common salts and common salt products, PragandaŽ nitrite salts, phosphate additives for production of meat products, salt feed and mineral supplements - salt licks as well as industrial, regeneration, deicing and bath salts.

Solné mlýny have a significant share of the domestic market in the majority of its assortment groups, and the percentage of produced goods to be exported is increasing. Production and sales volumes increase every year. Exported sales represent approximately a fifth of the turnover. Our customers are leading companies in individual branches of the industry, and they use salt as primary or secondary materials. We also deliver our products to most of the important retail networks on the Czech market. The Brezno-based Solmo s.r.o. company is a subsidiary of Solné mlýny and is a Slovakian sales representative of the company.

The company received the ISO 9001 certificate as early as in 1996. Production follows on from the Principles of Good Production and Hygienic Practice for Common and Industrial Salt and Salt Product Manufacturers and it complies with the 93/43/EHS European Guideline on Hygiene of Foodstuffs. It also proceeds according to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP). Solné mlýny are a member of the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic and Association of Chemical Industry. The contribution of the company to the development of the region is reflected by the fact that the company was awarded third position in the first year of the prestigious competition of Most Significantly Contributing Company of the Olomouc Region.


Solné mlýny Olomouc successfully completed a certification audit carried out by RW TÜV in May 1996. We were one of the first food companies in the Czech Republic to win the Certificate of Compliance going to a company that uses a quality management system according to ISO 9001. We received an ISO 9001:2000 certificate after we had completed the second round of an extension and re-certification audit in September 2002.